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Roman Chamomile Embroidery Kit

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Learn beginner-intermediate embroidery techniques with the Roman Chamomile embroidery kit!

Included in this kit:

Printed Copy of Pattern and Instructions

Cotton fabric square

1 Embroidery Needle

DMC Embroidery Floss

4in Wooden Embroidery Hoop

Fact sheet about Chamomile!


Vendor Description:

This dainty, hand stitched, DIY botanical embroidery project is perfect for beginners to intermediate stitchers who love this style! This is a quick project that looks amazing on clothes as well as displayed in a hoop. This project utilizes 4 different stitches and is a great introduction if you are wanting to make your embroidery more delicate. Whatever level you are, this project makes a lovely gift or home decor piece for anyone! It's also a very accessible pattern because the colors are easily substituted and still look amazing!